Wallet for the Flyboys

If you have notice, every fortnightly we will introduce a part of WX2 series. This week is no different, the day to showcase another Military WX2 for the Air Force.

It is with heartfelt emotion while I recall the making of this wallet. Not only did it create a milestone for Obbi Good Label in 2010, most importantly, this wallet forged a friendship until now.

The design of this wallet is inspired by Mr. -Five-‘s original design which we were commissioned to produce in 2010. The full story coverage can be found recorded in his blog entry, showing his sketch design to the details of material used on his wallet.


3 years later, we reproduce this design and place it in a prestige category in Obbi Good Label’s design altar. One of the 3 pieces for WX2 Military, this is the AF1 Wallet.

Apart from tweaking the design a little, the materials use are different from the original. The reason is simple, there is no way we can source the same materials anymore… Mr. -Five-‘s AF1 wallet is the one and only piece.

However, we maintain the original aesthetics by following the external design cut. Original buttons of the overalls from Republic of Singapore Navy are replace by Obbi Good Label’s brass snap button.


Internally, we build a card slots on 2 faces, increasing the card storage. The internal leather is Lambskin in natural colour to ensure beautiful petina. Although soft and buttery on feel, the leather is extremely tough to withstand constant usage of ‘filling’ up on cards and bills.



Leather externally is Grainy Brown Lambskin. As compared to its predecessor which used brown cowhide, they are much grainier. A little rough touch on the surface for the start, it will smoothen after use and blend into the skin create an amazing aging effect.

The double stitching lines across the wallet are machine-sew with walking foot trails in between the lines, imprinting onto the lambskin contrasting the grain pattern.


The size of this wallet maintain at 6″ tall, 4″ width and slightly thinner due to the omitting of coin pouch, at around 0.5″ thick.


If even you want to own a wallet, one of its kind design, check out Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies for purchase. We will only make ‘enough’ of the WX2 Military set.

These, I hope are going to be legend some day….

HWDC Heavyweight Belt in making

This season of HWDC (Heavy Weight Denim Championship) 2013/2015, we are making 3 belts in total.

Heavyweight Champion – 17oz to 20oz

Super Heavyweight Champion – 21oz and above

‘Yokozuna’ – Overall Champion

In this short clip, we show a preview of the Heavyweight Belt…

Blue Cavalier for the sea

Continuation of WX2 Military leather goods, this week we release the Naval wallet.

Wx2 Naval Wallet

The idea came about when we first handled our supplies of these Blue Cavalier Chromexcel Leathers (Horween). What we saw was a wavy ‘sea of blue leathers’ when stacking the hides on the shelf. All it took was someone to cry out, we should do something for the Navy. And that is how it all started.

Wx2 Naval Wallet

Standing at 5″ tall, this wallet is perfect for any backpockets. Brown threads contrasting the blue leather with a curve cut on the leather flap.

The buttons hidden for the closure is with a reason as we want to make use of the pull-up characteristics of the chromexcel leather for the buttons to create impressions on the leather surface. Showing different tones of blue and adding character to the wallet just like the cool characters of those Naval boys.

Wx2 Naval Wallet

Imagining the life of the seamen out in the ocean, they would often want to keep a picture or two of those whom they want to remember – their loved ones. These precious pictures must be kept with security as well as carry along all the time. To fulfill this, the extra leather flap with buttons closure ensures that.

Instead of building a ‘window screen’ for the pictures to be seen easily, we would like you to put the pictures in the hidden slot (behind the card slots). The reason is simple, this is a Naval wallet, designed with a sailor’s lifestyle in mind. Not a wallet for you to flip out conveniently to show your pass to enter office building.

Wx2 Naval Wallet

Wx2 Naval Wallet

Obbi Good Label WX2 Military – The Naval Wallet is exclusively available on Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies

The Boondocker’s wallet

When we talk about ‘Boondocker’ here, what do we mean? Its definition developed into various meaning throughout the years and use loosely by people.

From most research, I have found out that the term ‘Boondocker’ started in the 20th century by American military servicemen serving in Philippines. It comes from a Tagalog word for mountain ‘Bundok’. They started using it to mean a rural, remote bushy area.

In the modern world, Boondocker now has got different variations. From snowmobile to RV community to military, it has however maintain its meaning of exploring the remote area, the adventurous type.

Inspired by the Boondocker boots issued to the US Marines throughout WWII, we adapted the pattern on the back on the boots, putting it on the center backbone of our WX2 Boondocker Mid Wallet.

Boondocker wallet

Looking at the wallet from one side, the design pattern of the additional leather trim appears to be like the heel of the boots, with contrasted triple stitching in white and black threads.

Boondocker wallet

Boondocker wallet

While inspired by its military definition, we incorporated the wallet with functional and ample storage slots and compartments for the modern use of Boondocking RV groups. As you may read, RV community also refers to parking their caravans overnight in remote areas. These adventures are often self-sustained with storage of food, daily essentials for family vacation.

Taking into account of the requirements, we make sure that the storage of the wallet is enough for cards, bills and coins.

Boondocker wallet

Finally, the materials we used are as close to the original Boondockers boots as we possibly can find. Our rough-out brown leather although in a different tone of brown, will aged into a same dark brown tone with constant usage.

Boondocker Mid Wallet is our first feature for Obbi Good Label WX2 Military campaign for the Army. It is exclusively available in Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies.