The Boondocker’s wallet

When we talk about ‘Boondocker’ here, what do we mean? Its definition developed into various meaning throughout the years and use loosely by people.

From most research, I have found out that the term ‘Boondocker’ started in the 20th century by American military servicemen serving in Philippines. It comes from a Tagalog word for mountain ‘Bundok’. They started using it to mean a rural, remote bushy area.

In the modern world, Boondocker now has got different variations. From snowmobile to RV community to military, it has however maintain its meaning of exploring the remote area, the adventurous type.

Inspired by the Boondocker boots issued to the US Marines throughout WWII, we adapted the pattern on the back on the boots, putting it on the center backbone of our WX2 Boondocker Mid Wallet.

Boondocker wallet

Looking at the wallet from one side, the design pattern of the additional leather trim appears to be like the heel of the boots, with contrasted triple stitching in white and black threads.

Boondocker wallet

Boondocker wallet

While inspired by its military definition, we incorporated the wallet with functional and ample storage slots and compartments for the modern use of Boondocking RV groups. As you may read, RV community also refers to parking their caravans overnight in remote areas. These adventures are often self-sustained with storage of food, daily essentials for family vacation.

Taking into account of the requirements, we make sure that the storage of the wallet is enough for cards, bills and coins.

Boondocker wallet

Finally, the materials we used are as close to the original Boondockers boots as we possibly can find. Our rough-out brown leather although in a different tone of brown, will aged into a same dark brown tone with constant usage.

Boondocker Mid Wallet is our first feature for Obbi Good Label WX2 Military campaign for the Army. It is exclusively available in Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies. 

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