Wallet for Travellers

Previously, we showcased WX2 for the Military. From this week onwards, we will feature WX2 Tradesmen. Similarly making only limited pieces, the Tradesmen range focus on the modern day occupations.

Wallets cater for or specifically functional for particular trade.

First to start is our Frequent Traveller Mid Wallet.

WX2 Trademen FQT

Made out of Ostrich-embossed cowhide leather, the texture is ‘bumpy’. These spots are the pores of the ostrich feathers. Exotic and unique, they are soft by itself.

Expect a shinier surface after some usage.

WX2 Trademen FQT

WX2 Trademen FQT

Constructed with inner lining of oil-tanned cowhide leather, we make sure the storage space is ample for a regular traveller. A zipper compartment for coins, receipts or amulets, is set in between 2 compartments. These compartments can fit passports, bills (fold-up), or travelling notes.

The fun is, we incorporated a card holder of 6 slots, detachable from the wallet!

A good and flexible design feature during your transit waiting, keeping the main wallet in safe bag and only using the cardholder for quick meals.

WX2 Trademen FQT

WX2 Trademen FQT

On the external, it is a 2 hidden button closure concept, with curve shape outline. Check out the pictures below closely, apart from the pores, you can see the grains and lines on the surface.

And by looking at them even more closely, you will notice the different threads we use externally and internally. The reason of this is to match the colour of the different leather we use.

WX2 Trademen FQT

WX2 Trademen FQT


This model will be available on Obbi Good Label webstore end of July.

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