Hi, Mr. Editor, your wallet looks cool!

This segment of WX2 Tradesman, lets look at how an Editor wallet should be.

Flipping back our records of custom-made wallets, we remember this design, the Ranonranonrat wallet. A wallet designed by the user that is unique and one of its look.

While we were brainstorming for a tradesman wallet for the ‘white collar’ class, we looked back and improvised the Ranonranonrat wallet.

WX2 Tradesman Editor

The design aesthetic remains originally. A bi-fold concept with coin compartment outside and strap snap closure.

We uses black and natural leather this time round. Dimension for this wallet is 5″ long, 3.25″ breadth and 0.5 thick when close.

WX2 Tradesman Editor

The detail on the coin compartment is this ‘expandable’ technique which is quite rarely used on leathercraft. The common ones you see are slit open all the way down to the bottom. On ours, the slit was cut out 2/3 downwards.

WX2 Tradesman Editor

Internally, we have 6 card slots in total, 4 suitable for credit cards, 2 bottom slots are stack slot, which is good for namecards. Money clip for bills to slim down the overall thickness of the wallet.

WX2 Tradesman Editor


Thread colours are matching with the leathers, white threads for natural and black thread for black leather. The reason is to maintain minimalism on the wallet external without being too ‘contrasty’ but yet still unique.

WX2 Tradesman Editor



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