Handmade Gunfighter Stitch Belt

In terms of leather belt making, we generally choose the best available leather in thickness, adding a solid and cool buckle. That usually will be sufficient. (I presume).

After years of making leather belts out of thick leather, plain looking, we call for a change.

This coming quarter of 2013, we added a new design of leather belt. Inspired by the old wild west, we present to you our ‘Western Holster’ belt.

OGL Western Holster Belt

OGL Western Holster Belt

Made of Japanese Aniline leather, natural tanned with thickness around 9 to 10oz.
Top surface is smooth and underside processed. Leather is soft but extremely durable.

One good characteristic of this leather is that it conforms to shape easily. My belt of 3 months usage has a curve contour when lying down flat.

OGL Western Holster Belt

Apart from the leather properties, design features made up most selling point.
As said, it is an old western inspired belt, we cut it taper towards the tip both ends. This feature of belt is common with any gun carrying cowboy in the past where they were required to draw their gun fast for the kill.
Thicker width on the belt loops area ensure snug fit of belt so that guns can be drawn out straight from holsters without dangling of extra moving space of belt and loops.

Well, if you understand leather crafting, you will surely notice that the taper cut also indicates that this can only be hand-cut.

OGL Western Holster Belt

OGL Western Holster Belt

With thoughts far into the wild, wild west, belt stitching is a definite feature for any western belt.
We researched some nice patterns and settle for this design – The Gunfighter stitch. Of course, the name is already a plus point!

OGL Western Holster Belt

Even though this belt is one of our pride product, we still respect your choice of plain looking, thick belts. But adding a ‘Gunfighter’ stitch belt for a variety in your wardrobe is certainly a good alternative.

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