Dream Leather Workshop Part 2

Update from our new Handmade Leather Workshop, more developments and completing soon.

25 bali lane

Air-conditioners up! We are a bunch of craftsmen who are afraid of the heat. Cooling air in the workshop makes us think better 🙂


25 bali lane

The reno team worked on. Partitions up and touching up.

25 bali laneHalf length window for viewing of artisans at work from outside.



Dream Leather Workshop

Some of you who has been following Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies networks should have gotten news that Obbi Good Label (being in the loft workshop) will be moving with Tuckshop as well.

As a professional leather company, we have been around for around 5 years, a good duration and we enjoyed every single moment. With 5 years of establishments, we ought to celebrate. And the celebration got to be a full year event. This move is one big part of it.

The inauguration of the first leather school in Singapore, Atelier Lodge, teaching handmade leathercraft in the form of a school, providing all necessary tools and leather with true leather artisans imparting knowledge for people interested in leather craft.

The launch of WX2 series in May, we built leather products significantly based on military services.

The revamp of Obbi Good Label’s webstore during June is the beginning of Obbi Good Label, Handmade Leather’s era in the internet.

Now, here comes the big part – Moving to a dream workshop.

Let me update our new address upfront in case you gets too bored on our history.

From 2 Sept 2013 onwards, we will operate here: 25 Bali Lane, 189861, Singapore

Our quest of searching for a perfect workshop ended when we set sight on this 2-storey (mezzanine) building along Bali Lane. We know this is more than ideal.

When we started out in 39 Arab Street in 2010, we were comfortable. Hid in the 2nd level of a busy street with Persian carpet shops, we had full concentration working with leather without distractions. Friends and customers came and we started enjoying every chit-chatting sessions with them. Because we enjoyed their company so much, these sessions grew longer, we made more and more friends and the community grew bigger.

If you are from the ‘OGL at Arab Street era’, you should understand the space constraint in the small workshop. Thus, the once ‘hidden heaven’ no longer able to accommodate.  We moved.

OGL Arab Street

Familar old front door. All the ‘gossips’ we shared remained in this corner still….


2011, we partnered with Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies and moved to 39A Kandahar Street.  A cool and cosy loft is where we produce leather since then.  Being denim and vintage influenced, we are so happy to be able to bring in brands that we love and most importantly, able to share them with everyone.  A real ‘men’s cave’!

Our good times continued and friends tripled. The traditional ‘Fridays at Tuckshop’ thrive on with more regulars coming in and stupid talks carry on before we go home to be ‘the stern fathers’ again….  ‘Headdress night’, ‘Engineerboots nights’ are some crazy themes we carried out on Fridays. These are  good memories that will last.

OGL Kandahar Street

Seemingly perfect, we are not satisfied. We know we can do better by creating a better environment for all our friends and regulars.

And so, on this 5th year of Obbi Good Label, we found our perfect space – 25 BALI LANE.

25 Bali Lane

An old, old pre-war conservation house, it is a 2-storey building with a mezzanine.

Obbi Good Label will continue to have a staircase… on the 2nd level.

25 Bali Lane

Partitions are built up to create exclusivity of the leather workshop. Craftsmen will be seen working on this room through a glass window.

Atelier Lodge will continue its leather classes in their ‘classroom’.

25 Bali Lane

We leave the renovation to the professionals. We will use 1 week to prepare the workshop and classroom ourselves and will be operative on the 2nd Sept 2013.

Work stoppages are expected from 23rd Aug 2013.

We sincerely hope you can understand and would appreciate if you will come and visit us in the new workshop when we start.

It is the new era of Obbi Good Label, Handmade Leather Company of Singapore.