Dream Leather Workshop Part 3

As much as we want your visit to our new workshop, our leather workshop is ‘almost’ complete with a little more of touching up.

We will be complete once we have YOU in the workshop practicing leathercraft or discussing with us your custom details.

However, as we need more time to arrange the workshop, we will not be operating at the moment. There are still issues we have to perfect, as mentioned on Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies journal

Leathers, machines and tools are in and unpacked. As messy as usual, this is a real work place. In Obbi Good Label, we do not believe in a posh space when we can entertain you while talking leathers with you. We believe in letting you see how we work, feel the working atmosphere and savour the strong leather scent.

25 bali lane

The ‘master’s’ workbench. Here you will discuss with us on customizing or leather project. We can’t wait!

25 bali lane

Machines are in. Positioned behind the half length window, you will get to see the artisans working upon coming up to 2nd floor. It is like a ‘sushi master’ concept. Every leather products will be produced here with pride and high craftsmanship.

25 bali lane

This is the leather classroom, Atelier Lodge. Student now have a space of their own, tools are easily accessible. It is an even more conducive leather classroom for those who are interested in leathercrafting.

25 bali laneView from 2nd floor Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies. On this level, we want to re-create the denim, leather and workwear concept.


The next day, our leather artisans came and ‘mark’ their territory… Helped on the unpacking and re-arranging the workshop.  the only complain I received was, “can we do it faster as I am f**king eager to work on my leathers in the awesome workshop’….

25 Bali Lane

We added shelfings on the wall for hardware accessibility.

25 Bali Lane Our passion in denim continues flapping jeans on the railing of the mezzanine.

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