Protective Gear for Hemming Station.

A lot of people already know that not only we make leather products, we are also the only one here that provide heming service using a vintage union special 43200g sewing machine.

Till date, if I remember, with help in the system, i have hemmed over 500pairs since 2011….

And since, other than my fabricated leather tools which I treasured alot (sorry no pics for fabricated leather tools, they work in the dark….) I also take my hemming machine, tools and parts seriously…


Bought my number 20th auto retract measuring tape. And why 20th?! Because hell this type of things grew legs! they disappear overnight!

So this time round, they are going into my edc.




And since I did for the tape, might as well fabricate a shield for the 12inch dumbell tailoring scissors.




At last, a family picture of the essential tools for or hemming station.



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