Customize Duffle Carry On Luggage Part 1

Received an order in about August, for a big gentleman that request a carry luggage for his business trip. Much delay project due to the massive back order.

And as i mention Part 1, you should know that the bag is jolly well so big, that i have split into 2 post…. (I’m suspecting will the boarding gate stop him for he oversize luggage)

Customer request for our staple color London Tan, manage to source for light weight lamb skin categorized in a similar color, leather is soft, yet subtle, with a mixture of 6oz london tan hide to form the base, sides and structure, it will work.

On with some process pics



Line up with 2 14inch ykk zipper, both zip will met in the middle for a lock.


Bag measure 28 inch by 14inch by 16inch. Customer request to be able to hold 1 pair of trainers and a pair of golf shoe, tried with 2 red wing shoe box, it hold nicely.


Product is 50% done, with temporary hold clips, bag shape upped.


Last pic for the day before continuation. Meanwhile, wait for our second installment.

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