Denim Conversion Project 9981 By OGL

Just when we are in production of our latest 9981 series (more stories of 9981 by James later) a request came in.

The customer bought a pair of natural indigo Artist Denim, size 30, the jeans is fantastic with plenty of life left, however the owner got a little weight over the years and can no longer wore them.

Instead of storage it away, he request to convert it into a carry bag for his beloved girl friend.

Jeans is cut short to the length of 12inch (messenger bag standard height) both legs are then cut, connect, trim to form the base of the bag, leaving the original selvedge in the middle (detailing effort)

Then we introduce our 9981 bag series leather design, implement to the bag.


I broaden the base part of the bag, and trim it to he top, so that it look more feminine. And uses our reserved premium Japanese saddle (used in our quick draw belts) for tgis project, the color combinations is perfect.

Some complete design look.



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