Natural Lamb Veg Tan Leather

When I first received this batch of grade AA leather, I know that basic natural veg tan leather will start resurfaced again from our collections.

The leather are so perfectly skived (standard 1.5mm) and tan, quickly i start making prototype for our year end collection (due Dec-Jan 2014)

Some pics


The leather are not big, 5 to 6 feet max.

Immediately, i prepared 3 prototype collections.

1st, inspired from 1950s police officer pistol holder.. a bifold wallet with a detail thumb release snaps

Basic bifold with 6 card slots and 2 hidden slots.



2nd, our new 5inch mayan wallet


Emphasize on some detailed tooling on the covers. 3 card slot, 1 bill slot, 1 hidden slot and 1 coin change compartment.

3rd will be our finalized trucker wallet (after 4 version, this is final)


Most of the trucker wallet available have only a stack cards slot, this time round, i redesign the whole sizing to accomodate 3 full card slot and 1 stack slot.



The usual long wallet sizing are measure 7.5 by 3.75 fold, I have increase the broadness of the wallet to 7.5 by 4.5 inch, add in another layer of leather to create another compartment slots divide them up to 3 slots at 2.5 each. It fit the card perfectly for the height. It can now hold more than 10 cards amd not creating the bulge.

You will be probably asking, how this big fat 4.5 wallet can fit into the back pockets??!!

Sorry to the slimmer jeans user, this trucker wallet fits only heritage cuts jeans. (Go take a ruler measure your back pocket opening)

And I have made 1 myself using Japanese tooled leather if you follow my instagram.

Next pics will be the new coin change compartment that we will be implementing from 2014 onwards for all product in future.


Lastly, again a family pics


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