New Concept 9981

It’s been awhile since we last update our La Vie on our workshop… yes, we are pretty busy, we just finished our new 2nd half 2014 products and tour Europe again visiting our friends, partner, buddy, reseller and distributor which is now we call as our “families” 🙂

During the trip, I was casually invited by one of our family member, to do a Obbi Good Label trunk show. He mentioned that since we are always making 1 piece customization of bags, tote, duffle and available only locally, his side of clients do queries on our works and suggest to me to do something about it. Coincidentally, I have a long shelved idea, which may come into use for the show.

Every other quarter during my buying for leather, I will chance upon wonderful pieces of leather hides, which normally are too small for a collections or repeative productions. These beautiful hides can only make 2 to 3 medium size bag. We normally dedicate these hides for custom bespoke customer, who really appreciate good leather. However most of the time, to set the customer expectations, some of the hides are not fully utilize in making a better product, but only to a product that is base on 1 side of its requirements (never the side we want….)

So taking this opportunity, Obbi Good Label will be planning to held its 1st Trunk Show in East Asia, we will make 1 each of the bags we made before, and make them available in the trunk show, what you see is what you’ll get. We will bring extra swatches, which you can select mix and match to custom the bag base on the model shown, you can request a little this and that, so that we can fulfill what has been missing in that region.

Date of the trunk show is set on 19th to 21st September, which left me with less than 45 days to make all the bags…. so wish me good luck, I will update here with the pics.

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