2014 Year End Limited Edition SuperBrave confirm color

Ok, the decision is final, we have 10 color way total for our Shinki Shell Cordovan. I have hand pick 5 color to launch for end of this year, making them available to purchase both online and our Retail at Tuckshop & Sundry Supplies.

1st launch color way. Tan color palette for this festive season. Red, Burgundy, Cherry, Brown Tan and whiskey.


It will only be available on our Signature Brave series.

As for the other 5 color which is Blue, Olive, Natural, Mustard and Black… will be for 2015, however both Blue and Olives are running low, in fact the Green is totally out.

The maximum quantity I estimated that I can make for the 1st launch is about 4 – 6 per color, with out affiliated partner in Peking booking almost 50% of the stock, I believe stocks is pretty low before we even launch. So apologize in advance. Tentative date of launch will be last week of November.

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