In the closing week of 2013…

We have soon completed a successful year yet again. All thanks to our friends and supporters from all around the world.

2013 is a good year for Obbi Good Label. We moved to our ‘OGL Dream Workshop‘, improve our webstore, and most importantly, we up level for our leathercraft skill set.

In this closing weeks of 2013, I am putting up all consolidated pictures of people using our leather goods in the OGL Worldwide 2013 album.

If you are interested to know how good leather will aged and the amazing petina they formed, do check them out. Easily a collection of photos posted by users not less than 50 pictures, not counting 2012, 2011, 2010 collections.

Here are some for your preview,

OGL Worldwide 2013

OGL Worldwide 2013

OGL Worldwide 2013

OGL Worldwide 2013

OGL Worldwide 2013

OGL Worldwide 2013

Used BRAVE Mid wallet

After almost one year of usage, these BRAVE Mid wallet served us very well. And on top of what we always wanted, they aged really well with minimum maintenance of the leather.

As you might know, all our BRAVE series products are made of HORWEEN chromexcel leather.

We have briefed before that we often design base of the inherent properties of the leathers we use. (see our Facebook note for details)

Here, we show you the differences between the aged and new, Brave Mid Wallet.

Brave Mid Wallet black

Facing left is aged, right is new.

In comparison, you will see an obvious surface texture difference – Aged, shows more grain where as during new, the grains are not as apparent. This is the result of the inevitable light abrasion occurs during handling of the leather.

When we talked about the ‘clam’ effect technique that is employed on this design, it is understandably obvious when compared to the new ones. Take a look at the edges of both wallets – the aged wallet has got its edge bending inwards, similar to a close clam.

Brave Mid Wallet burgundy


The above picture shows BRAVE Mid wallet of Burgundy HORWEEN CXL leather.

For colours other then Black, indigo staining on CXL pull-up leather is faster when you tend to wear dry denim often. This is due to the high absorbent properties of pull-up leathers. Illustrated in the picture, a denim lover like me enjoyed every indigo stain on my Burgundy wallet.

Looking at the aged wallet again, you can easily spot some line impressions on its surface. They are caused by the denim fabric on my jeans backpocket. Such is an example pull-up leather being soft and stretchy.


If you are like me, who enjoys the process of aging products, these high quality wallets are readily available here in our webstore

And the good thing is, we have them in Blue Cavalier