Denim inlay on Veg Tan Leather – OGL Original

I was caught by surprise when I came across this picture the other day.

A long wallet made years ago when I was in France. For a friend, the wallet is a denim inlay style.

Using raw denim fabric, vegetable-tanned natural leathers, hand-stitched from my garage workshop.

Thank you very much for using, Eric.

OGL original denim inlay

HWDC Heavyweight Belt in making

This season of HWDC (Heavy Weight Denim Championship) 2013/2015, we are making 3 belts in total.

Heavyweight Champion – 17oz to 20oz

Super Heavyweight Champion – 21oz and above

‘Yokozuna’ – Overall Champion

In this short clip, we show a preview of the Heavyweight Belt…

The arrival of Heavy Weight Denim Championship Belt (season 1)

After spending 2 yrs in Obbi Good Label store in Singapore, this championship belt sailed across countries and arrived in Germany – The rightful Champion of the competition, Nietenhosen.

This marks a closure for our participation in this worldwide event, Heavy Weight Championship 2011/13.

Mr. Nietenhosen with the championship jeans and the Raja Belt.



However, follow the successful partnership and our role in the championship, we are glad to be in the team to be providing for the season 2 of this denim championship.

Please follow the Superfuture/ Indigoroots thread for more information.